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CUBO® Air Destratifying System With Optional Heat

Outstanding Air Mixing with Heating Options

  • Moves heat down from the highest part of the building and  distributes it at bird level.
  • Improves litter condition and eliminates stir fans.
  • Uniform temperatures throughout the house encourage more even bird distribution.

Available Models Include:


Destratification of Poultry House Air for an Improved House Environment

Provides destratification, heat recovery and vertical mixing.

  • Air circulates 360 degrees around CUBO®  Unit and travels quickly all through the house.
  • Results in more uniform temperatures throughout the house while keeping litter drier and reducing moisture and condensation.
  • Temperature uniformity facilitates whole house brooding, if desired.


Destratification with Gas Heat

Provides destratification combined with economical gas heat.

  • Provides low-pressure gas heat with no visible flame in the poultry house.
  • An insulating air chamber keeps the exterior of the heater away from burner so outside of CUBO® Unit stays warm rather than hot.
  • Unit is designed for simple cleaning using water or air.


Destratification with Hot Water Heat

Provides destratification with heat from water heated outside the house.

  • Eliminates in-house combustion resulting in less minimum ventilation run time.
  • Reduces energy costs because no cold air needs to be brought into the house for combustion.
  • Poultry producer can generate hot water for the unit in a conventional manner with LP or natural gas boilers, or consider using eco-friendly biomass burners, wood burners, litter burners and so forth.

 CUBO® Model SE/G

Provides Destratification with Indirect Combustion

  • Delivers outstanding air mixing and heat distribution.
  • Outside air is drawn into the unit for combustion and exhausted back outside, reducing the amount of minimum ventilation run time.
  • No carbon dioxide is introduced to the house through combustion.
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