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Drinker Accessories and Options

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  • Self-Filling Mini Drinker with large float balls snaps over drinker saddle.
  • Chore-Time's large button nipple holds a big bead of water that birds easily see.
  • Catch Cup option for high flow and super-high flow systems.
  • Fully Assembled RELIA-FLOW® Valve is easily field replaceable for retrofit applications.
  • J-type and threaded body replacement valves are available for retrofit use.
  • Slope Compensator makes it easier to manage increased water column due to floor slope.
  • Fully assembled pipes with channels are available with various nipple spacing options from 6 to 24 inches (15 to 61 cm).
  • Two channel options are available -- heavy-duty or standard.
  • Optional Pre-Assembled Filter Control Panels include a water filter, medicator hook-up and all the necessary plumbing, ready to hang and connect.