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CHORE-TIME® Drinking Systems
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Chore-Time offers two reliable ways to feed caged birds: Chore-Time’s ULTRAFLO® Feeder, preferred by an overwhelming majority of the United States’ top egg producers, and Chore-Time’s Traveling Hopper Feeder.  Either system gives you reliable performance year after year and helps birds perform at their peak.

  • Dependable micro-processor control.
  • Energy-efficient system uses sturdy, long-lasting parts. 
  • Unique auger connector joins ends of one-piece coreless auger.  
  • Low maintenance costs. 
  • Uniform feed distribution through closed-loop system delivers precise feed ration without risk of over-feeding the birds.
  • Auger helps prevent birds from raking and wasting feed.
  • Reduces feed usage as much as 5% while increasing production.
  • Slight rotation of auger remixes all feed in the trough.
  • No trough “edges” where stale or damp feed can accumulate.
  • Independent tests show no feed separation or high-grading of feed.
  • Programmable “stimulation” cycles stir feed to stimulate birds’ appetites.

Traveling Hopper

Simple design features few moving parts, corrosion-resistant PVC-coated cable and permanently sealed wheel bearings for reliability. 

  • Adaptable to multi-tier vertical pullet or layer cage systems, with or without walkways.
  • Takes up less aisle space than similar feeders.
  • Uses as little as 1/2 HP motor to feed an entire cage row.  Soft start feature reduces strain on power unit.
  • Feeder includes enough hopper capacity to feed in both directions of travel and is easy to operate manually in areas with unreliable power.
  • Feed level is adjustable, and feeder includes both individual tier shut-offs and fill system shut-offs to prevent spillage.
  • Hopper view windows provide feed level visibility and permit easy confirmation of proper filling of hopper.
  • Feed "pushers" at each tier reduce feed wastage while keeping feed in front of birds; a feed level "sled" reduces caked feed.
  • Support system from cage legs helps align feeder with the cage row, minimizing the possibility of derailment.
  • A rotational sensor monitors whether feedcar is running and serves as a safety shutoff for the power unit.
  • System design does not require placement of power units in cages, unlike some other systems.
  • Can feed entire cage row/house at once for reduced bird stress.

Nipple Drinkers 

  • Automatic flush capability also facilitates stimulating birds with fresh water in hot weather as well as helping to keep the drinker lines clean.
  • Constructed of corrosion-resistant materials with UV inhibitors for long-lasting service.
  • High volume regulator and large unrestricted pipe provide plenty of water for longer lines.
  • Completely enclosed system uses pre-assembled pipe assemblies, including valves, that are ready to install.
  • Saddle design provides a water-tight connection to the pipe without gluing or welding.
  • 360° trigger action provides easy access for all hens. Optional catch trough and catch cups available.