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Omniflux Air Inlet

Adjusts Air Speed and Direction Individually

Features and Benefits

  • Four louvers can be positioned to direct airflow independently of each other.
  • Sliding polyurethane plate adjusts size of opening to control air speed regardless of louver direction.
  • Unique guide system prevents sliding plate from jamming and makes cleaning easier.
  • Optimal seals are resistant to wear, stretching and shrinkage, even at low temperatures.
  • Rounded edges reduce resistance to improve airflow and capacity.
  • Ideal for use in houses where independent control of air direction and air speed is important, as well as in very wide houses and in houses where there are obstacles.


  • Door travel distance is 16.5 inches (42 centimeters).
  • Pull force to close door is 6.6 pounds (29.5 Newtons).
  • Each inlet includes one 18.5- x 30.25-in. (47.0- x 76.8-cm) plastic overlay with 0.75-in. (1.9-cm) mesh.