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Sales Named Operations Manager for Chore-Time

Drexel Sales

Drexel Sales

February 20, 2020

MILFORD, Indiana, U.S.A. — Drexel Sales has been named Operations Manager for Chore-Time, according to Jeff Miller, Vice President and General Manager of the CTB Inc. business unit. In his new position, Sales will be responsible for overseeing Chore-Time’s production facilities in Milford, Indiana, and Decatur, Alabama.

Prior to his employment with CTB, Sales gained approximately 17 years of experience in operations and production management roles for leading companies. During this time, his accomplishments included helping to increase productivity, improve plant efficiencies and reduce accidents. He is currently completing his bachelor’s degree in business administration with Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana.

Sales is a native of Electra, Texas, and currently resides in Warsaw, Indiana.

About Chore-Time
Chore-Time ( continues its tradition established in 1952 of leadership in the design, manufacture and marketing of equipment for poultry and egg production. With complete end-to-end systems for feeding, feed handling, drinking, egg handling, climate control and house management, Chore-Time is a market leader known for product performance, tailored solutions and a proven independent distribution network. Part of the CTB, Inc. family of companies, Chore-Time operates globally from facilities in Indiana, Alabama, the Netherlands and Poland.