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Take Control with Chore-Tronics® 3

The new standard for whole house control.

Take Control Anywhere with the NEW Mobile App!The recently updated Chore-Tronics® 3 Control is the one all others are measured against. Only Chore-Time brings together so many ways to improve poultry production in one easy-to-use controller.


New features include:

  • Adjust water pressure from the controller using Pneumatic Drinking System (PDS™) technology.
  • Control Chore-Time’s new Sprinkler System automatically for zoned cooling.
  • Run multiple variable-speed fans for more efficient and precise climate control.
  • Control your poultry houses from anywhere with the NEW Chore-Tronics® 3 Mobile App.
  • Receive alerts through call or text notifications from the optional Chore-Time Broadcaster™ Alert System.

Already have a Chore-Tronics® 2 or 3 Control? Don’t worry. The Chore-Tronics 3 system is modular and upgradeable so you can add new features and capabilities at any time.

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