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Take Control with Chore-Tronics® 3

The standard for whole house control.

The recently updated Chore-Tronics® 3 Control is the one all others are measured against. Only Chore-Time brings together so many ways to improve poultry production in one easy-to-use controller.



The latest updates include:

  • Continuously calculates the recommended minimum ventilation time for removing heat and moisture from the house to help keep birds more comfortable and floors drier.
  • Knows how much air each Chore-Time fan can move and provides automatic control to accurately maintain maximum CFM curves based on bird age.
  • Adds the ability for the PDS system to be used to flush the water line on demand using a "Flush Now" button. The system can also flush automatically based on water termperature and/or time of day.


Already have a Chore-Tronics® 2 or 3 Control? Don’t worry. The Chore-Tronics 3 system is modular and upgradeable so you can add new features and capabilities at any time.

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