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CHORE-TRONICS® 2 Controls for Eggs

The Proven Simple Solution — Enhanced With Features You Requested

  1. Larger Text Size Plus External Contrast Control Better Legibility
  2. Alphanumeric Keys Simplified Data Entry
  3. External Set-Up Key Port Easy Access
  4. Large 1/4 VGA Screen Less Scrolling – Easier To Read White Screen 
  5. Tab Buttons Quick Screen Access
  6. Index Keys Easier Navigation
  7. 14 Subject Keys Familiar Protocols
  8. 2 Separate Set-Up Screens For Quicker, Easier Set-Up

CHORE-TRONICS® 2 Controls offer the proven performance of the original CHORE-TRONICS® Controls with enhanced features and built-in peripherals. This generation of controls from Chore-Time is easy to use and easily expandable as your needs change.

Convenient to Use
  • Large, easy-to-read text.
  • External contrast control.
  • Easy data entry.
  • External set-up key port.
  • Large screen; less scrolling. Now even easier to read.
  • Quick screen access and set up.
  • Straightforward navigation.
  • Intuitive subject keys.
  • Nameable outputs.
Management Tools
  • Ventilation timer ramping via temperature and relative humidity.
  • Cycling of minimum ventilation fans.
  • View current mode of operation as well as transitions.
  • Wide range of history subjects.
  • User-defined programs.
  • Configure to show today’s water and feed.
  • Transfer settings or back up settings to set-up key.
  • Identify potential house environment problems early.
  • Quickly measure the impact of operational changes.
Standard Features
  • Quarter VGA (video graphics array) screen displays more lines of text and includes larger, easy-to-read font and external screen contrast adjustment. Now even easier to read.
  • Alphanumeric key pad simplifies data entry — you can name outputs such as heat zones, inputs and programs.
  • CHORE-TRONICS® 2 Controls are available with 32, 40 or 56 outputs, plus 12 controlling analog inputs and 8 digital inputs (total outputs and inputs are both expandable — see optional features).
  • Unit is more complete “out of the box” with built-in static pressure sensor, built-in communication (FNM) board, and dedicated output for light dimmer control.
  • Control also includes:
    • Six temperature sensors
    • Dedicated output for back-up box
    • Four light clocks for flexible light control
    • Eight spare clocks for output assignment
    • Ventilation timer ramping.
  • Current conditions now shows current mode of operation as well as direction of transition if a transition is under way
  • Expanded history subjects — include separate male and female mortality data, maximum and minimum relative humidity, individual temperature sensor history, and total heat zone run time.
  • Increased number of user-defined programs.
  • Auxiliary data screen displays today’s water and feed as well as today’s equipment run times, based on the control’s configuration.
  • External set-up key access makes set-up key use more convenient.
  • Flexible mounting positioning is friendly to space constraints — mount boxes above, below, beside or across from each other.
Optional Features
  • Outputs expandable in increments of 8 up to 80 total outputs.
  • Use up to 7 expansion boards to add additional monitoring inputs in sets of 4 digital or 4 analog for a maximum of 28 additional inputs (48 total, counting the 20 that are included).
  • Up to 6 optional controlling temperature sensors may be added for a maximum of 12.
  • Variable speed output available (requires additional equipment)
  • C-CENTRAL™ Management Software
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