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KONAVI® Broiler Feeder

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KONAVI® Broiler Feeding System
Comedero KONAVI® para Pollos de Engorde
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A Breakthrough
in Clean, Open-Style

The new KONAVI® Feeder from Chore-Time (shown at right in photo) lets beaks in, but keeps feet out. With its low pan height and patented scalloped edge, chicks eat from the outside of the pan from day one. Its unique angled cone with anti-rake fins discourages birds from stepping into the pan and wasting feed.

Maximum Feed Access

  • Low pan height with patented scalloped edge gives birds comfortable, easy access to feed throughout their growth cycle.
  • Flood pans high to attract day-old chicks, then use one of three grow-out settings for finishing birds.

Minimum Feed Waste

  • Angled cone with anti-rake fins discourages birds from stepping into the feeder and scratching feed out of the pan with their feet or beaks.
  • Design helps keep feed clean and uncontaminated – improving feed availability and feed efficiency.

Complete Cleaning

  • No grills, corners or pockets to trap feed – permits more complete cleaning of the feeder.
  • Simply power wash KONAVI Feeders between flocks for better bird health.
  • Cones include hooks for hanging pans.

Two Configurations

The KONAVI Feeder is available in floor and colony feeder configurations. Both models also come with and without a slide shut-off so you can easily control feed flow to unused areas of your poultry house.