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SignalPro™ Universal Control Pan

Attracts Birds to the Control Pan

9-Watt LED Bulb, 220 V AC Light
Universal Design

Attaches to most Chore-Time feeding systems. Eliminates need to stock multiple control pan feeder types and service is simplified to one type of control pan.

Integrated LED Light

Birds are attracted to LED light, so they eat more from the control pan and helps ensure that feed is delivered to the rest of the line.

Modular Switch Design

Easy retrofit between simple mechanical switch or higher tech sensor options.

KONAVI® based Design
  • Low pan height allowing birds easy access to feed from day one.
  • Angled cone with anti-rake fins discourages birds from stepping into the feeder and scratching feed out of the pan with their feet or beaks.
  • Design helps keep feed clean and uncontaminated – improving feed availability and feed efficiency.
  • Simple hinge and locking mechanism that allows easy removal and installation of the pan to the excluder.
Streamlined Design and Engineering

Provides reliable performance and easier maintenance.

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SignalPro Universal Control Pan