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CATALYST® Whole House Control for Eggs

Easily Add Future Functionality

Chore-Time’s CATALYST® Whole House Control features a higher resolution 10.1 inch (257 mm) display designed to easily add future functionality. USB port enables updating and mouse control.

Improved User Interface
  • Has all the same software features as the CHORE-TRONICS® 3 including Multiple Variable Speed Fans.
  • Connects to the Mobile Server via the Mobile app and the Broadcaster Alert System.
  • New higher resolution.
  • 10.1 inch (257 mm) display.
  • New updated look.
  • New Touch Screen that works through the plastic door.
  • Still designed to easily add future functionality.
  • USB port for updating and mouse control.
  • Outside Ethernet port.
We Speak Your Language

The CATALYST® Whole House Control comes with multiple built-in languages to improve communication and efficiency. Instantly switch the display text between them. More languages are always being added.

CATALYST® Control Connects

CATALYST® Control connects to the Mobile Server via the Mobile app and the Broadcaster Alert System. Uses the same relay box, hardware, IO Board(s) and sensors as the CHORE-TRONICS® 3.

User Interface Settings Choices
  • Dark Mode – Makes it easier to read screens in certain lighting conditions.
  • New Touch Screen – Allows for: Zoom in or out, Scroll and Swipe.
  • Alarm Status icons – Color coded.
  • Graphics and Graphs updated.
  • Time Clocks – The Settings are displayed in a Clock format instead of a line format. All Time clocks can be set up to a maximum of 24 events.
  • Water Increment Table – Can show hours water consumption for up to 21 days.
  • Remote PC Connection – You have the ability to connect to the Catalyst™ via your PC that is connected to the local network. The PC connection is identical as being at the Catalyst® Control.
  • Catalyst® Updating – Remote updating available.
Support Server Tools

Catalyst® Whole House Control makes gathering troubleshooting information easier, along with other critical control performance information.

  • Debugging tool – Download Debug information that allows us to support the control if an update goes wrong.
  • Service Tools – Allows the user to download the log for troubleshooting via USB.
  • Control status information – Information available about the status of the control.
  • Updates – three ways to update. Update with USB, update remotely, or add update file via drag and drop.
  • Restart Catalyst® Control button.



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CATALYST® Whole House Control
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