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Drinker Management Tools for Breeders

Folding Stand Tube
  • Permits tube to be folded down during house cleanout.
  • Protects both tube and ceiling when drinker line is raised.
  • Robust latch can be unlocked using one hand and resists bird activity.
  • Large-diameter, rigid-plastic tube offers improved visibility of water column and is easier to clean.
  • Easy-to-see blue indicator ball is held in the stand tube so it won’t get lost or dropped.
  • Comes fully assembled in an end- or mid-line model.
Breather Cap (Patented)
  • Baffled design helps keep dust out of the water line and removes air faster.
  • Minimizes air locks.
  • Cover can be removed for cleaning (shown at right).
  • Cap can be retrofitted to existing Chore-Time and some other stand tubes.
Stand Tube Options
  • Users can choose one of three stand tube models:  folding, rigid or flexible.
  • All stand tube styles are now available with Chore-Time’s new Breather Cap.
PDS™ Controls for RELIA-FLOW® and STEADI-FLOW® Drinkers

Chore-Time’s PDS™ (Pneumatic Drinking System) Controls offer poultry producers convenient control of the water pressure in all nipple drinker lines in the house.

  • Change the pressure in all lines or flush all lines from one remote location.
  • Program PDS Controls to automatically flush water lines as often as four times per day or as seldom as once a week.
  • Easily run “flush stimulations” to get cool water to the birds during hot weather.
  • Three models available:
    • For up to 16 regulators
    • For up to 32 regulators
    • For up to 64 regulators
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Drinking Systems Management Tools