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C-CENTRAL™ Management Software for Breeders

Used with Chore-Time’s CHORE-TRONICS® Controls, C-CENTRAL™ Professional Software gives you precise, flexible in-house control, monitoring and analysis, and the data you need to make operational improvements.

Superior Monitoring Capabilities
  • Monitor and adjust multiple controls from the farm or off site.*
  • Page and table templates help display user-selected information quickly.
  • Critical data can be presented on-screen or printed, in table or graph form.
  • View vital statistics of one room, one house, or the entire farm, at a glance.

* Remote monitoring with C-CENTRAL Software may require additional hardware or software (not included).

Data Access
  • Archive data for future review and comparison.
  • Retrieve data when and where it is most convenient.*
  • Access critical data easily for better decision making.
  • Use data to fine-tune house conditions and to find and resolve problems.
  • Data is exportable to other common spreadsheet programs.
  • User-defined fields and virtual “plus” keys for convenient customization, including accurate calculation of house operating costs.
  • Uses familiar Windows®-based operating system.**
  • Works with all current CHORE-TRONICS® Controls.

**Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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