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Egg Production

Choose from Chore-Time’s colony, aviary and modular manure belt housing systems to meet your bird space and husbandry needs.

Chore-Time’s Modular VERSA® Colony Systems with Manure Belt meets today’s bird space needs, yet is versatile enough to meet the needs of the future as well.
VERSA® Colony System for Eggs  |  VERSA® PLUS Deep Colony System for Eggs
Chore-Time offers a variety of cage systems for egg producers with the outstanding production performance they expect from Chore-Time.
Modular Manure Belt Cage System for Eggs  |  Modular Vertical DBS Cage System for Eggs  |  A-Frame Cage System for Eggs  |  Brood-Grow Manure Belt Cages for Eggs  |  Brood-Grow A-Frame Systems for Eggs
Provide the most productive environment. Offering a secure and controlled environment, eggs are ensured a safer trip from the hen to the collection table.
VALEGO™ Nest Systems for Eggs  |  VALEGO™ Pagoda™ Nest
Reduce ammonia levels in the house as well as ammonia emissions.
Air Tube Manure Drying