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VERSA® Colony System for Eggs

Colony Housing for Today…Enrichable for the Future.

Chore-Time’s Modular VERSA® Colony System with Manure Belt meets today’s bird space needs, yet is versatile enough to meet the needs of the future as well.  Removable backs and partitions permit a wide variety of compartment sizes without loss of structural support. The VERSA System is also able to be fully enriched from the beginning or at a later date.

Included Enrichments
  • Easy-to-grip, plastic perches.
  • Nest pad area with flexible red curtains.
  • Scratch panels for keeping claws trimmed.
  • Litter pad with feed delivery system for dust baths.
Modular Design
  • Modular design makes repairs and manure belt access easier. Legs on four-foot (1.2-m) centers ease leveling.
  • Chore-Time’s VERSA® Colony System is available in models from 3-high to 12-high in rows up to 520 feet (160 meters) long; walkways are easily integrated.
  • Easily removable mesh partitions improve ventilation. Compartment width is determined by the number of partitions removed. Height is 22 inches (55.9 cm).
  • Compartment backs are optional from the start or can be removed later.
  • Independently mounted CHORE-TIME® Watering System is not affected by removal of partitions.
  • Assembly process features innovative interlocking parts and requires fewer rings.
ULTRAFLO® Feeding System

Uses Chore-Time’s famous ULTRAFLO® Feeding System to feed birds.

Improved Egg Roll-Out

Floor slope improves egg roll-out, and distance to egg tray helps protect eggs from damage.

Full-Open Horizontal Doors

Tall, full-open horizontal doors provide comfortable access to feed and easier bird placement/removal.

Durable Construction

For even greater durability, compartments and structural components are manufactured using all galvanized steel construction and Galfan® floors.*

*Galfan is not owned or licensed by CTB, Inc. and is the sole property of its respective owner.

Flexible Floor
  • Flexible floor has tighter mesh spacing in bird standing area and is better for birds’ feet.
  • Floor support is simple continuous rod construction.
Covered by Chore-Time’s Generous Warranty and Solid Backing
Air Tube Manure Drying
Chore-Time’s Air Tube System features large holes, resulting in more total air volume across the belt, drier manure and more even air distribution to the hens during minimum ventilation.
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