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Feeders For Breeders

Chore-Time provides a variety of feeders specially designed for breeder hens, pullets and roosters suited to their feed nutrition needs, enhance their health, comfort and production. Chore-Time’s proven feeding systems minimize wasted feed and provide birds with consistent access to fresh feed. 

Get Your Breeder Pullets Started Off Right.
The GENESIS® Pullet Feeder’s loop and straight-line configurations let you feed more birds without increasing your floor space.
More space for birds to eat, consistent delivery of feed, and less wasted feed are just a few of the advantages of double pan feeding with the GENESIS® Breeder Feeder.
Encourage your birds to eat from the feeder lines’ control pans by using Chore-Time’s Control Pan Light!
Chore-Time ULTRAFLO® Feeders are specially designed for use with breeder hens.
Delivers uniform feed rations to every breeder pullet as soon as the feeder starts.
Chore-Time’s eight-spoke REVOLUTION® Feeder Pan Assembly provides broiler breeder producers with a unique option for feeding roosters.
The alternative to cable winches for male feeder applications.