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VALEGO™ Nest System for Breeders

Provide the most productive environment. Offering a secure and controlled environment, eggs are ensured a safer trip from the hen to the collection table.

Rack-Drive Expulsion (RDE) System
  • Patented rack-drive expulsion (RDE) system offers superior egg protection and moves out ALL the birds.
  • Helps a higher percentage of eggs reach the egg belt safely versus floor-lift systems.
  • Uses low torque and few motors to work.
  • Requires less labor than competitive systems, helping to lower production costs.
Film-Faced Plywood Construction
  • Walls and roofs are made with durable, A-grade, film-faced plywood.
  • Provides a sturdy, QUIET environment for birds.
  • Easier to clean and more durable than plastic or steel construction.
  • Dissipates moisture quickly to resist mold.
High-Quality Materials
  • Galvanized steel frame assembled with TAPTITE® screws.*
  • Strong support structure with stainless steel legs.
  • Self-cleaning AstroTurf® pads.*

* AstroTurf® and TAPTITE® are not owned or licensed by CTB, Inc. and are the sole property of their respective owners.

  • Plastic slats are nailed to a wooden frame.
  • Proven, highly durable design.
  • Easy to maintain.
Egg Collection & Control
  • Chore-Time’s egg belts, expeller and controls comprise a total egg collection system that ensures a safe trip for the egg from the hen to the collection table.
  • The Control Unit programs the daily opening and closing of the expeller to optimize the period when hens have access to the nests.
  • The Control also initiates slight movement of the expeller during egg collection, which permits birds to stay in the nests yet helps to prevent accidental bird damage to the eggs.
Galvanized steel frame with five galvanized steel perches. Each perch is 98.4-inches (2500 mm) long and adds 41 feet (12.5 m) of perch capacity. Frame is foldable for higher flexibility and easier storage. Stable when placed on top of hardwood or plastic slats.
VALEGO™ Drive Unit
Motorized drive unit for two 250-mm woven or polypropylene egg belts. Safely transfers eggs onto egg collection table, cross conveyor or egg elevator. Variable speed from 2.62 to 13.12 ft/min (0.8 to 4 m/min).
VALEGO™ Drive Unit with Egg Collection Table
Motorized drive unit for two egg belts. Integrated table for manual egg packing. Variable speed from 2.62 to 13.12 ft/min (0.8 to 4 m/min)
VALEGO™ Conveyor
Transports eggs from any egg belt height to a convenient working height of egg collection table. Provides a bridge between different heights of egg belt and collection table. Operated by VALEGO™ drive unit motor. Safe and gentle handling of eggs by plastic rods.
VALEGO™ Frequency Converter
Frequency convertor adjusts the speed of egg belt. Large, eye-catching emergency stop ensures optimal safety. Both could be mounted on table and drive unit.
VALEGO™ Egg Elevator
Transports eggs from different heights. Flexible intake: eggs can enter the elevator from two egg belts, at any height. Flexible discharge: transfer height allows optimal discharge of eggs onto cross conveyor or egg collection table. Safe and gentle handling of eggs by plastic carriers.
VALEGO™ Egg Belt Return Unit
Return unit classic with spiral integrated in the return roller removes any remains left on egg belts. Return unit with brush for plastic egg belts; brushes off the dust and de-statics egg belts. Both return units are tension adjustable.
VALEGO™ Control Unit
Advanced control features for the expulsion systems of VALEGO™ nests. Programs the daily opening and closing of expulsion systems to optimize the period when hens have access to nests. Suitable for manual control. Optional monitoring of external switches and optional alarm signal to external control.
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