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Climate Control For Breeders

Chore-Time continues to lead with the innovative ventilation products you need to keep your birds healthy and productive!

From the simplest to the most complex ventilation system design, advanced CHORE-TIME® ventilation products combined with our expertise can help you put together a system that will meet your needs for power, natural, or tunnel ventilation.

CUBO® Air Mixers (with optional heat) circulate air in a poultry building and distribute it at bird level. The result is more uniform temperatures throughout the building and improved litter condition. The CUBO Units also eliminate the need for stir fans and promote more even bird distribution.
CUBO® Air Destratifying System for Breeders
Chore-Time’s Brooders and Heaters provide a reliable, low-maintenance source of heat for young birds as well as for use during cool weather.
Radiant Tube Heaters for Breeders  |  QuadRadiant® Heaters for Breeders  |  CUBO® Air Destratifying System for Breeders  |  Brooders for Breeders  |  Chore-Time® Space Heaters for Breeders  |  About Heat for Breeders
Chore-Time has wall inlets, ceiling inlets, tunnel doors and winches to help keep your birds comfortable and productive.
Omniflux Air Inlet for Breeders  |  Curved Inlets for Breeders  |  Ceiling Inlets for Breeders  |  Galvanized Inlets for Breeders  |  LINEAR-LIFT™ Winch for Breeders  |  Strap Winch for Breeders  |  Rope Guide for Breeders
Chore-Time’s sprinkler system provides effective cooling with reduced water consumption compared to evaporative cooling systems.
CHORE-TIME® Sprinkler Systems for Breeders
Chore-Time’s Tunnel Doors tumble air for better mixing throughout the house.
Tunnel Doors for Breeders