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Controls For Eggs

Chore-Time offers a variety of controllers with fully integrated control sensors, timers and alarms for feeding, ventilation, egg collection and heating with easy expandability for future functions.

Easily Add Future Functionality.
The CHORE-TRONICS® 3 Whole House Controller now includes fully integrated pneumatic drinking system control as well as heat and moisture removal calculation and automatic control of CFM curves.
CHORE-TRONICS® 2 Controls offer the proven performance of the original CHORE-TRONICS® Controls with enhanced features and built-in peripherals.
CHORE-TRONICS® Controls are flexible, user-friendly and durable as well as upgradeable. They keep track of history, warn you if there is a problem.
Input the house temperature curve and Chore-Time’s PBU will ramp along with it automatically. Adds a layer of safety for operation of house ventilation and heating in the event of a failure or operator error from the main house controller.
Chore-Time’s Retro Box Converts CHORE-TRONICS® Model 32 or 40 to a CHORE-TRONICS® 2 Control.