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CHORE-TRONICS® Retro Box for Broilers

Chore-Time’s Retro Box Converts CHORE-TRONICS® Model 32 or 40 to a CHORE-TRONICS® 2 Control.

Chore-Time presents the easy way to convert your original generation CHORE-TRONICS® Control to add the expanded features and capabilities of the newer generation CHORE-TRONICS® 2 Controls.


The Retro Box provides owners of Model 32 or Model 40 CHORE-TRONICS® Controls with all the features of a CHORE-TRONICS® 2 Control without the expense of a whole new control.

Minimized Installation Time and Cost

The Retro Box utilizes the CHORE-TRONICS Relay Box, Temperature Sensors and Static Pressure Kit to minimize installation time and reduce costs.

80 Relay Maximum

The Retro Box allows CHORE-TRONICS Controls to be expanded beyond 40 relays to a maximum of 80.

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MT2300B CHORE-TRONICS® 2 Retro Box Installation
Nov 2007