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Climate Control For Turkeys

Chore-Time continues to lead with the innovative ventilation products you need to keep your birds healthy and productive!

From the simplest to the most complex ventilation system design, advanced CHORE-TIME® ventilation products combined with our expertise can help you put together a system that will meet your needs for power, natural, or tunnel ventilation.

Chore-Time’s Brooders and Heaters provide a reliable, low-maintenance source of heat for young birds as well as for use during cool weather.
Radiant Tube Heaters for Turkeys  |  QuadRadiant® Heaters for Turkeys  |  CUBO® Air Destratifying System for Turkeys  |  Brooders for Turkeys  |  Chore-Time® Space Heaters for Turkeys  |  About Heat for Turkeys
Chore-Time has wall inlets, ceiling inlets, tunnel doors and winches to help keep your birds comfortable and productive.
Omniflux Air Inlet for Turkeys  |  Curved Inlets for Turkeys  |  Ceiling Inlets for Turkeys  |  Galvanized Inlets for Turkeys  |  LINEAR-LIFT™ Winch for Turkeys  |  Strap Winch for Turkeys  |  Rope Guide for Turkeys
Chore-Time’s sprinkler system provides effective cooling with reduced water consumption compared to evaporative cooling systems.
CHORE-TIME® Sprinkler Systems for Turkeys
Chore-Time’s Tunnel Doors tumble air for better mixing throughout the house.
Tunnel Doors for Turkeys