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KONAVI® Poult Feeder for Turkeys

Introducing the Poult Feeder That Lets Beaks in, but Keeps Feet Out.

The KONAVI® Poult Feeding System features a streamlined, open design that gives birds easy access to feed for fast gains and consistent performance. Plus, its angled cone with anti-rake fins discourages birds from standing in the feeders. The result is cleaner, healthier feed that keeps birds eating and prevents feed waste.

Maximum Feed Access

With its low pan height and patented scalloped edge, the Chore-Time KONAVI® Feeder invites poults to eat from the outside of the pan from day one. It gives birds comfortable, easy access to feed throughout their growth cycle. With the KONAVI® Feeder, you can flood pans high to attract day-old poults, and then use one of three grow-out settings as birds grow.

Minimum Feed Waste

The KONAVI® Pan features a unique angled cone with anti-rake fins that discourages birds from stepping into the feeder and scratching feed out of the pan with their feet or beaks. It helps keep feed clean and uncontaminated – improving feed availability and feed efficiency.

Complete Cleaning

The simple, streamlined design of the KONAVI® Poult Feeder, with no corners or pockets to trap feed, permits more complete cleaning of the feeder. There are no grills to work around. Simply power wash KONAVI® Feeders between flocks for better bird health.

Addresses Today’s Emerging Health Concerns

Birds naturally tend to eat from outside of the KONAVI® Feeder. The benefit is reduced feed contamination. Young birds may climb up on the feeder, but they typically do not stay there long. Most importantly, they are inclined to face inward toward the feed so most droppings fall outside the pan. The KONAVI® Poult Feeder is ideal for growing birds up to about 6 weeks of age.

Durable Construction
  • Heavy-duty and durable plastic pan, cone structure and top.
  • Engineered to resist the effects of ultraviolet light.
  • Eating area of the pan is thicker for long life – 0.15 inches (3.8 mm).
Designed for Global Poultry Production

Chore-Time engineers designed the KONAVI® Feeder from the ground up to meet the needs of global feeding practices and houses where minimal or no litter is used. With an ultra-low pan height, it lets the smallest poults reach the feed even when they are not boosted by the height of the litter. Its simple design also works well in a wide variety of traditional poult raising environments.

Count On It

Chore-Time has been a leader in poultry and egg production systems since 1952. We have the experience to deliver complete solutions for feeding, feed handling, drinking, egg handling, climate control and management systems. You can count on Chore-Time and your independent Chore-Time distributor for equipment reliability, production performance and ultimate confidence.

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KONAVI® Poult Feeder
KONAVI® Poult Feeder Dimensions
KONAVI® Poult Feeder Dimensions