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Brood-Grow A-Frame Systems

A-Frame Pullet Cages

Chore-Time’s A-Frame Pullet Cages provide an excellent environment for growth with maximum feed savings and manure handling.

Sturdy Welded A-Frame Structure

Rugged A-Frame stands provide durable support for Chore-Time’s A-Frame cages without the need for truss rods. All system components, including cages and feed troughs, tie directly into our projection-welded A-Frame support system for added stability.

Other Cage Features

  • Cages are available in 2-high to 4-high models in cage rows up to 750 feet (230 meters) long.
  • Galfan® and galvanized steel construction for durability and corrosion resistance.*
  • Galfan cage floors provide years of trouble-free use.
  • Rust-free PVC rail supports dropping boards.
  • Dropping boards are available in plywood or plastic.
  • Flexible cage floor is better for birds’ feet.
  • Two-piece cages for quicker assembly.
  • Straight-front cage design features a springloaded push-in door for convenient access to growing birds for vaccinations or other treatments.
  • Step rails are available to protect feed trough.
  • Adjustable feed shield helps conserve feed while birds grow.
  • System is covered by Chore-Time’s generous cage warranty and solid backing. (See Chore-Time’s full written warranty for complete warranty details.)

*Galfan is not owned or licensed by CTB, Inc. and is the sole property of its respective owner.

Chore-Time Dropping Board Scraper Manure Handling System

Chore-Time Dropping Board Scraper System Features

  • Each tier except the bottom has its own set of plywood or plastic dropping boards, sloped toward the back.
  • The scraper features offset blades which help prevent plugging and hold tight to the boards for smooth, even scraping.
  • Drive units feature reliable 1/4 HP motors and operate scrapers in cage row lengths up to 750 feet (230 meters).
  • Drive mechanism is designed to protect critical parts from damage should a problem occur.
  • Use with Chore-Time’s TURBO HOUSE® System for even dryer, more manageable manure; uniform temperature in all parts of the cage building; less ammonia and odors, and lower mortality.