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CHORE-TIME® Feed Scale

Chore-Time's Feed Scale offers an affordable means of improving feed delivery scheduling through more comprehensive data collection and analysis. This system can also be used as a real-time diagnostic tool to help measure animal performance based upon eating rates and habits.

Advantages of the CHORE-TIME® Feed Scale

  • Real-time data regarding feed inventory aids in scheduling feed delivery.
  • Accurate daily consumption rates help in evaluating growth performance and in identifying potential problems.
  • Unique pivoting, split hopper dumps feed from one side while the other side is filling, for continuous flow of feed.
  • Dependable unit eliminates common variables, like temperature variations and power surges, for greater accuracy.
  • Scale features durable, corrosion-resistant steel construction.
  • Unit registers exactly what is being fed rather than relying on problematic volumetric projections or imprecise auger timing.

Specifications of the CHORE-TIME® Feed Scale

  • Suitable for poultry or hog operations.
  • Typical installation requires one scale per house and ties to most current CHORE-TRONICS® Controls. Each CHORE-TRONICS® Control can monitor multiple feed scales.