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CHORE-TIME® Monitoring Sensors

CHORE-TRONICS® Feeder Line Run-Time Monitor

Chore-Time's Run-Time Monitor for poultry feeder lines can be connected to every feeder line in a poultry house to track daily run time per line. 

  • Each Monitor sends a signal to the CHORE-TRONICS® Control whenever its feeder line runs, building a database of information. 
  • Producers can use their CHORE-TRONICS® Control together with up to 12 Run-Time Monitors per Control to verify feeder line operation, to compare one feeder line's run time to another and to review up to 14 days of run-time history. 
  • When used with Chore-Time's C-CENTRAL™ or C-COLLECT® software, users can remotely monitor when their birds are eating.

Water Consumption Tracking with Chore-Time's Water Meter

  • Accurate daily consumption rates help in evaluating growth performance and in identifying potential problems.
  • Keep track of total water consumption as well as incremental consumption throughout the day.
  • Use multiple water meters to track water consumption in various areas in the house and/or to track evaporative cooling system water use.


  • Constantly monitor and measure CO2 levels in the house.
  • Measurement range of 0 to 5000 ppm.
  • Manually adjust settings based on readings.
  • With C-Central™ Professional Software, user can chart levels throughout the day to make management decisions.
  • Replaceable sensor and filter combination.

CHORE-TIME® Humidity Sensor

  • Accurately shows current relative humidity as well as minimum and maximum values.
  • Helps to keep house conditions at optimum humidity level.
  • Coordinates evaporative cooling function with house humidity.