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Eliminate Frequent Resetting of Thermostats with Chore-Time's Programmable Back-Up Box

Input the house temperature curve and Chore-Time's PBU will ramp along with it automatically. Adds a layer of safety for operation of house ventilation and heating in the event of a failure or operator error from the main house controller.

  • Eliminates the need for frequent manual thermostat adjustment.
  • Replaces a thermostat to drive existing back-up boxes and to maintain relay redundancy.
  • Follows the house temperature curve – allows ventilation and heating back-up levels to change with set temperature.
  • Includes 5 cooling outputs, 2 heating outputs and an alarm output.
  • Compatible with C-CENTRAL™ Software so ventilation and heating data continues to be captured during back-up operation.
  • Use the CHORE-TRONICS® Set-Up Key to transfer back-up control settings from one PBU to another.