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Agricultural Incinerators

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  • Efficient combustion technology
  • Easy to use
  • Biosecure and sanitary
  • Capacities from 200 to 850 pounds (91 to 386 kg)
  • Proven, quality incineration since 1962

Features of Chore-Time Incinerators

  • Stainless steel stack cap contains added material for longer life.
  • Counter-balanced arm design and mounting location for greater door strength and smoother operation.
  • Ventilation ports dissipate excess heat during operation.
  • Double wall thickness on side section of chamber top for added strength and longer life.
  • Easier-to-move skid base design for added strength and balance. Lower unit height for easier loading.

Benefits of Chore-Time Incinerators

  • Rapid incineration means low fuel consumption.
  • Thick refractory lining in main chamber retains heat and increases efficiency.
  • Waste can be destroyed as fast as it accumulates (under normal conditions with a properly sized unit).
  • Timer operation with auto-ignition (no pilots to light).
  • Easier loading and ash removal with lower profile and improved doors.
  • Single burner requires less maintenance.
  • Constructed of heat-resistant aluminized steel, stainless steel and industrial strength refractory for long life.
  • Continuous-welded bottom seams for added durability and no grates to replace.