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Box and Panel Fans

Box Fans

Box fans are available in 24-, 36- and 48-inch (61-, 91- and 122-cm) diameters with metal framing in direct drive. Wood framing is available for the 24- and 36-inch (61- and 91-cm) fans. Belt drive is available for the 36-inch (91-cm) fans.

  • Galvanized steel or wood box housing.
  • Easy to assemble (or order preassembled).
  • Belt- or direct-drive models for various electrical standards.
  • Self-tensioning belt on belt-drive model maintains efficiency.
  • Cast iron, greaseable bearing.

Panel Fans

Panel fans are available without framing in 36-inch (91-cm) diameter in belt or direct drive, and in 48-inch (122-cm) diameter direct drive.