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Chore-Time Adds Features to the Chore-Tronics® 3 Controller

CHORE-TRONICS® 3 Units can be upgraded with new software features using a USB setup key available from Chore-Time distributors.

CHORE-TRONICS® 3 Units can be upgraded with new software features using a USB setup key available from Chore-Time distributors.

September 6, 2017

MILFORD, Indiana, U.S.A. — The recently updated CHORE-TRONICS® 3 Controller provides operators with new ways to monitor and manage productivity in their poultry houses. Enhanced features include control of drinker line water columns, zoned sprinklers and multiple variable-speed fans. Chore-Time is the first to combine these benefits in a poultry controller.

PDS™ Pneumatic Drinking System Technology
With PDS technology built in to the CHORE-TRONICS 3 System, growers can maintain the same water column height no matter how many birds are drinking. This feature also monitors curving of the minimum and maximum flow-rate alarms, and allows operators to flush the drinking system based on water temperature.

Multiple Variable-Speed Fans
Operators can now set four different fan groupings at infinitely variable speeds with the CHORE-TRONICS 3 Controller. This feature eliminates spikes in ventilation.

Zoned Sprinklers
The CHORE-TRONICS 3 System controls sprinklers automatically for zoned cooling. This new feature keeps birds cool and helps growers use water efficiently.

CHORE-TRONICS 3 Mobile Solutions
Chore-Time has also added a Mobile App and an optional BROADCASTER™ Alert System that gives managers more mobile options for controlling poultry houses.

“We are constantly updating and improving our systems to give growers precise control over the feeding, drinking and environment of their poultry operation,” said Bob Christenson, Product Manager for Controls at Chore-Time. “CHORE-TRONICS 3 is modular and upgradeable so growers can add new options and capabilities as they are developed.”

More details about the CHORE-TRONICS 3 Controller, Mobile App and system compatibility are available at
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