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Drinker Comparison

Chore-Time's RELIA-FLOW® and STEADI-FLOW® Drinkers Feature a University-Confirmed Flow Rate Consistent with the Way Birds Drink

Chore-Time's RELIA-FLOW® and STEADI-FLOW® Drinkers provide a reliable flow rate that is consistent with the way birds drink. University testing demonstrates that Chore-Time's drinkers provide abundant water for birds. After all, the real measure of drinker performance is how much ends up in the birds, not in the beaker!

RELIA-FLOW® Features and Benefits

  • Robust, precision-machined, stainless steel parts in flow-control area resist wear and retain their shape for long life and consistent, reliable flow.
  • Unitized, fully-assembled, one-piece valve is easily field replaceable to simplify retrofitting.


  • Special assembly process attaches saddle to pipe for a tight, consistent fit without the use of glue, gaskets or sonic welding.
  • Various available flow rates provide optimum water supply for chickens of all types and finishing weights and help maintain good litter conditions.

Be one of the satisfied customers who have experienced the RELIA-FLOW® Drinker's reliability and performance!

My two Relia-Flow houses are drier than the other six [houses], but performance is way better [with] heavier birds over the last five flocks.  Alabama Grower

I am completely satisfied with Relia-Flow drinkers. My floors are staying dry, but the weight of my birds has not suffered.  Georgia Grower