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Model ATF™ Plus Feeder

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CHORE-TIME® Model ATF™ Plus Feeder for Adult Turkeys

Proven Reliability PLUS Added Strength and Size for Today's Bigger Birds

Chore-Time's MODEL ATF™ PLUS Feeder retains all the reliability, ruggedness, and quality that the industry has come to appreciate about Chore-Time's famous Model ATF™ Feeder, PLUS even greater benefits for you:

  • Proven durability for use with 45-pound (20.4-kg) and larger turkeys. Heavy-duty feeder includes thicker pan supports that lock the feed pan in place and a durable connection from shield to pan support.
  • Better feed conversion - wide feed saver lip and feed saver ring help retain feed in pan, while larger pan-to-shield opening encourages birds to keep their heads in the feeder for less feed spillage.
  • Save labor when flooding pans or lowering feed levels with Chore-Time's proven central winching system.
  • Better feed flow for today's high-fat feeds is provided by the combination of Chore-Time's large-diameter, welded-seam tube and easy-to-clean plastic pan.
  • Two inches (51 mm) more eating space between pan and shield than our standard MODEL ATF™ Feeder. Tube is also two inches (51 mm) higher - big turkeys walk under the feeder line more easily.
  • Consistent, reliable performance in a variety of house conditions.


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