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VALEGO™ Drive Unit

  • Motorized drive unit for two 250-mm woven or polypropylene egg belts
  • Safely transfers eggs onto egg collection table, cross conveyor or egg elevator
  • Variable speed from 2.62 to 13.12 ft/min (0.8 to 4 m/min)

VALEGO™ Drive Unit with Egg Collection Table

  • Motorized drive unit for two egg belts
  • Integrated table for manual egg packing
  • Variable speed from 2.62 to 13.12 ft/min (0.8 to 4 m/min)

VALEGO™ Conveyor

  • Transports eggs from any egg belt height to a convenient working height of egg collection table
  • Provides a bridge between different heights of egg belt and collection table
  • Operated by VALEGO™ drive unit motor
  • Safe and gentle handling of eggs by plastic rods

VALEGO™ Frequency Converter

  • Frequency convertor adjusts the speed of egg belt
  • Large, eye-catching emergency stop ensures optimal safety
  • Both could be mounted on table and drive unit

VALEGO™ Egg Elevator

  • Transports eggs from different heights
  • Flexible intake: eggs can enter the elevator from two egg belts, at any height
  • Flexible discharge: transfer height allows optimal discharge of eggs onto cross conveyor or egg collection table
  • Safe and gentle handling of eggs by plastic carriers

VALEGO™ Egg Belt Return Unit

  • Return unit classic with spiral integrated in the return roller removes any remains left on egg belts
  • Return unit with brush for plastic egg belts; brushes off the dust and de-statics egg belts
  • Both return units are tension adjustable

VALEGO™ Control Unit

  • Advanced control features for the expulsion systems of VALEGO™ nests
  • Programs the daily opening and closing of expulsion systems to optimize the period when hens have access to nests
  • Suitable for manual control
  • Optional monitoring of external switches and optional alarm signal to external control