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About Chore-Time

Feeding the world with proven poultry and egg production systems – Chore-Time's products are Made to Work. Built to Last.®

Complete solutions for poultry and egg production

An optimal result for the lowest cost is a goal that can be achieved only by using the best tools and technology available. Chore-Time develops and manufactures complete solutions to maximize poultry and egg production. We offer a full range of feeding and drinking systems, smart solutions for feed handling and climate automation, and intelligent management controls and software. These proven tools optimize the poultry environment so you can obtain the best performance from your birds.



Maximize the natural potential of your birds while minimizing your costs

The world continues to experience unprecedented population growth and increased global wealth, driving a worldwide demand for more meat and protein-rich food. Chore-Time’s mission is to optimize the health and productivity of poultry through systems that allow finite resources – like feed, water and energy – to be used more efficiently. We accomplish this by continually investing in new and improved technology that enhances the poultry house climate, improves feed conversion, minimizes feed and water waste, and preserves feed quality. Employing the latest technology capitalizes on the genetic potential of your birds, reduces your costs and maximizes your company’s profitability.

Global leadership through our tradition of innovation

Founded in 1952, Chore-Time has evolved into a leading global organization built on our commitment to bringing improved productivity to the poultry industry. Backed by our history of product innovation, our exciting vision for enhanced poultry and egg production inspires us to engage in ongoing development of knowledge, skills and products. Our past, present and future converge in a singular focus on introducing technological advancements that meet the ever-changing needs of leading poultry and egg producers in their quest to feed a growing world.


Service and warranty are an integral part of our products

In any purchase consideration, the most important factor is not initial price, but rather the “price value.” If the cheapest product does not work, easily breaks or wears out prematurely, then the price is too high – no matter how low it originally seemed. Chore-Time offers outstanding price value by treating our customers exactly as we would like to be treated. We provide exceptional support, expert knowledge and outstanding warranties. In-house production of our systems helps us safeguard the quality and integrity of our proprietary designs. In addition, our technical, sales and product development teams place high importance on customer feedback and routinely use this input to further improve our products and services.

Professional distributors add unparalleled value

Our carefully selected global network of independent distributors is a crucial part of our product offering. Chore-Time distributors are familiar with your local business environment, equipped to install our products, and always ready to provide excellent on-site solutions and service. In turn, Chore-Time provides our distributors with extensive support, product information and training. As a result, you can rely on skilled service and professional assistance, all tailored to your regional and individual needs.


Part of the respected CTB and Berkshire Hathaway families

Chore-Time is a division of CTB, Inc., a global market leader in the development and production of systems and solutions for the intensive livestock farming sector and the grain industry. With world-renowned brands such as Chore-Time®, Brock®, Meyn® and others, CTB is the system provider with the total package. CTB has been a part of the highly regarded Berkshire Hathaway company since 2002.

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