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KONAVI® Pullet Feeder

The KONAVI® Pullet Feeder from Chore-Time can aid producers in getting breeder pullet chicks started off right for producing improved early uniformity for the flock. With the KONAVI Feeder’s low pan height and patented scalloped edge, pullet chicks learn to eat from the outside of the pan starting at day one, resulting in reduced feed contamination.

Chore-Time KONAVI® Index Pullet Feeder

Get Chicks Started Right

  • The KONAVI Pullet Feeder helps producers train young birds from day one for improved flock uniformity and less stress at feeding time.
  • The KONAVI Feeder with its low pan height attracts young chicks. They tend to gather around the feeder to eat while ignoring supplemental feed trays.
  • Each KONAVI Feeder holds 1.7 lbs. (771 g) of standard pullet feed and every pan has feed to offer the birds when restriction feeding starts.
  • The low feed level contained in each pan throughout the house promotes calmer eating at the start of feeding time and discourages bird migration.
Chore-Time KONAVI® Index Pullet Feeder

Maximize Feeder Space

  • Indexing feeder lines is the proven key to better feed distribution in a pullet house at feeding time.
  • By indexing the feeder system, producers can help minimize bird migration and fighting over feeder space at the start of feeding time because indexing spreads the feed around the house evenly.
  • Indexing also aids the goal of having the optimum number of birds around each feeder pan.
Chore-Time KONAVI® Index Pullet Feeder

Grill-less Feeder Pan Design

  • Designed with a unique angled cone and anti-rake fins, the KONAVI Pullet Feeder discourages birds from stepping into the pan and wasting feed.
  • No grill means no birds getting trapped in the feeder.
  • No birds caught in the feeder reduces potential bird mortality while also saving the time spent getting birds out of the feeder.
Chore-Time KONAVI® Index Pullet Feeder

Simpler Flock Management

  • Chore-Time’s KONAVI Feeder easily handles mash, crumbles and other forms of feed.
  • Easy to manage, the KONAVI Feeder has a flood setting and three grow-out settings.
  • The feeder’s easy to set feed level won’t get knocked out of adjustment by growing birds.
  • Keeping birds out of the feeder means bird droppings are kept out of the pan and feed hygiene is improved.
  • Litter is kept out of pan and, as a result, producers don’t have to blow litter out of the feeder.
  • The KONAVI Feeder uses the same house layout and number of birds per pan as Chore-Time’s popular Model C2® Plus Breeder Feeder.
Chore-Time KONAVI® Index Pullet Feeder

Flood Activated Feeder with Re-Flood Capability

  • Flood the KONAVI Pans to provide a higher level of feed to attract day-old chicks.
  • Raising the feeder line with flood-activated feeders takes those feeders out of the flood position.
  • Unlike other feeders, Chore-Time’s KONAVI Feeder has re-flood capability giving pullet producers an “undo function” if they elect to lower the feeder to return to the flood position.
Chore-Time KONAVI® Index Pullet Feeder - Low feeder lip height

Other KONAVI Pullet Feeder Features

  • Made using heavy-duty, durable plastic.
  • Engineered to resist the degrading effects of ultraviolet light.
  • The eating area of the pan bottom is 0.15 inches (3.8 mm) thicker for long life.
  • Two-piece top is standard.
  • Retrofittable onto existing indexed lines.
  • KONAVI Feeder lines can be looped or configured as straight-line systems.
  • Low feeder lip height offers greater distance between bottom of feeder and shavings when lifted into grow out position. This helps keep litter out while also dealing with uneven litter height.
  • Improved control pan function is provided using a sensor instead of mechanical switch.
  • The KONAVI Pan attachment features a hinge to allow the pan swing down for easy cleaning and drying between flocks.

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