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Ceiling Inlets

Advantages of Chore-Time’s Attic Inlets

  • In tests, the total amount of air moved through a poultry house with attic inlets averaged 10-30% higher per day than houses with sidewall inlets only.
  • The higher ventilation rate typical in houses with Chore-Time’s attic inlets leads to:
    • Lower house humidity levels
    • Drier litter
    • Lower ammonia concentrations
  • During the earliest stages of minimum ventilation, gravity-operated attic inlets open automatically when fans run. This dramatically reduces winch operation since sidewall inlets start operating later.
  • With Chore-Time’s attic inlets, growers can maintain higher ventilation rates during cold weather without sacrificing house temperature or wasting fuel. Additionally, birds are provided with a better mix of air.
  • Fuel savings associated with the use of attic inlets may vary from 5 to 35% depending on house management, house construction and climate.