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Ceiling Inlets for Broilers

Chore-Time’s Attic Inlets direct the incoming air along the ceiling of the poultry house for better mixing and to prevent downdrafts on birds.
More Air Flow
  • In tests, the total amount of air moved through a poultry house with attic inlets averaged 10-30% higher per day than houses with sidewall inlets only.
  • The higher ventilation rate typical in houses with Chore-Time’s attic inlets leads to:
    • Lower house humidity levels
    • Drier litter
    • Lower ammonia concentrations
  • During the earliest stages of minimum ventilation, gravity-operated attic inlets open automatically when fans run. This dramatically reduces winch operation since sidewall inlets start operating later.
Higher Ventilation Rates During Cold Weather

With Chore-Time’s attic inlets, growers can maintain higher ventilation rates during cold weather without sacrificing house temperature or wasting fuel. Additionally, birds are provided with a better mix of air.

Fuel Savings

Fuel savings associated with the use of attic inlets may vary from 5 to 35% depending on house management, house construction and climate.

360° Airflow Insulated TopJet Attic Inlet
  • 360° design delivers tempered air all around the inlet during the early stages of minimum ventilation.
  • Fully insulated to minimize heat loss and sweating, especially in cold environments. Soft rubber edge gives a tight seal when unit is closed.
  • Counterweighted inlet has an adjustable weight that lets user determine at what static pressure the inlet will open. Can also be locked shut without using blades.
  • Operate manually or connect multiple inlets to a cable that is connected to Chore-Time’s LINEAR-LIFT™ Winch and CHORE‑TRONICS® 3 Control.
    • The control signals the winch when desired static pressure has been reached and the inlets open.
    • When fans shut off, the inlets immediately close and the winch pulls them tight.
  • Removable bottom lid for easy cleaning and installation.
Gravity-Operated TopJet Attic Inlet
  • Supplements house sidewall inlets to provide an automatic supply of tempered air during the early stages of minimum ventilation, without a winch.
  • The inlets mix warm tempered air from the attic with house air along the ceiling — better for birds and more energy-efficient than bringing in cold, untempered air through sidewall inlets.
  • Remote Closure Kit allows gravity operation in the “open” position or units may be locked in the “closed” position.
  • To lock or unlock units in groups, connect multiple inlets to a cable that is connected to Chore-Time’s LINEAR-LIFT™ Winch and CHORE-TRONICS® 3 Control.
  • Simple assembly requires no tools; simply snap three sides together, insert bottom channel and snap fourth side in place to complete inlet. Remote closure kit requires only a drill and simple hand tools.
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