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CATALYST® Whole House Control

Easily Add Future Functionality

Chore-Time’s CATALYST® Whole House Control features a higher resolution 10.1 inch (257 mm) display designed to easily add future functionality. USB port enables updating and mouse control.

Improved User Interface

Has all the same software features as the CHORE-TRONICS® 3 including:

Multiple Variable Speed Fans Control.

  • Control up to 30 variable speed fans in both Power and Tunnel modes.
  • Fans can change speed in both Power and Tunnel modes.
  • Output and temperature screen length reduced.

Connects to the Mobile Server via the Mobile app and the Broadcaster Alert System.

  • New higher resolution.
  • 10.1 inch (257 mm) display.
  • New updated icons and look.
  • New Touch Screen that works through the plastic door.
  • Still designed to easily add future functionality.
  • USB port for updating and mouse control.
  • Outside Ethernet port.
We Speak Your Language

The CATALYST® Whole House Control comes with multiple built-in languages to improve communication and efficiency. Instantly switch the display text between them. More languages are always being added.

CATALYST® Control Connects

CATALYST® Control connects to the Mobile Server via the Mobile app and the Broadcaster Alert System. Uses the same relay box, hardware, IO Board(s) and sensors as the CHORE-TRONICS® 3. Mobile app and server updates improve connectivity reliability.

User Interface Settings Choices
  • Dark Mode – Makes it easier to read screens in certain lighting conditions.
  • New Touch Screen – Allows for: Zoom in or out, Scroll and Swipe.
  • Alarm Status icons – Color coded.
  • New Outside Temp and RH Failure alarms.
  • Moisture and Heat removal calculation.
  • Graphics and Graphs updated.
  • Time Clocks – The Settings are displayed in a Clock format instead of a line format. All Time clocks can be set up to a maximum of 24 events.
  • Water Increment Table – Can show hours water consumption for up to 21 days.
  • Remote PC Connection – You have the ability to connect to the Catalyst® via your PC that is connected to the local network. The PC connection is identical as being at the Catalyst® Control.
  • Catalyst® Updating – Remote updating available.
Support Server Tools

Catalyst® Whole House Control makes gathering troubleshooting information easier, along with other critical control performance information.

  • Debugging tool – Download Debug information that allows us to support the control if an update goes wrong.
  • Service Tools – Allows the user to download the log for troubleshooting via USB.
  • Control status information – Information available about the status of the control.
  • Updates – three ways to update. Update with USB, update remotely, or add update file via drag and drop.
  • Restart Catalyst® Control button.



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CATALYST® Whole House Control
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