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Train Them Like a Pro®

Transition Time

When a bird is hatched, it has about 17 weeks before it will be transitioned into a layer aviary. And the faster the bird can get acclimated to this new facility, the better its performance will be.

Imagine a pullet raised in a floor rearing system. For 17 weeks it adapts to a one-level environment with minimal perching areas. It has little reason to jump or move vertically in order to find what it needs. Then when it is moved to a layer aviary, it encounters slatted floors, and it needs to jump and move vertically to reach feeders, drinkers and nests.

Does this sound like the right time to start training a hen?

To ensure maximum bird performance, you should start training them for aviary living from day one.

The Chore-Time VOLUTION™ Rearing System Helps You Train Them Like a Pro®

Our VOLUTION™ Rearing System caters to natural bird behavior by training pullets to jump, move around and perch from the start, optimally training them for both aviary systems and floor layer production. And, all the while, it allows for easier bird management and requires less labor than floor or floor-with-platform systems.

This video illustrates the important role of the extendable perches in helping the birds learn to jump from level to level.