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EnduraMax™ Direct-Drive 57-Inch (145-cm) Fan for Broilers

Chore-Time’s 57-inch (145-cm) EnduraMax™ Direct-Drive Fan features a variable-speed, direct-drive motor for minimal maintenance and maximum efficiency in broiler production.

Low Maintenance
  • EnduraMax™ Fans with direct-drive motor eliminate many common maintenance needs.
  • No belts and pulleys to replace.
  • No bearings to grease.
  • Durable design of the EnduraMax™ Fan itself offers low maintenance and long-lasting performance.
Energy Efficient
  • Direct-drive design offers a superior level of efficiency for energy-minded growers.
  • Even greater savings can be achieved due to variable speed functionality.
Variable Speed
  • Variable frequency drive allows fan to operate at different speeds.
  • Fan speed is controlled automatically by the CHORE-TRONICS® 3 Controller in combination with a variable frequency drive.
  • Exponential energy savings can be achieved by slowing fan speed whenever air flow requirements allow.
Fan Performance
  • Efficiently produces one of the highest air flow ratings in the industry.
  • Provides very consistent air flow as the wind speed varies.
  • All EnduraMax™ Fan components were designed by Chore-Time to maximize overall fan efficiency.
Proven EnduraMax™ Fan Design
  • Direct-drive fans use Chore-Time’s industry-leading ENDURA® Fan design.
  • Features HYFLO® Shutters, which do not suffer the typical 12-15% loss of efficiency and air speed typical of dirty louver-style shutters, so air speed is maintained to the end of the flock, when you need it most.
  • Durable long glass fiber composite shroud and HYFLO® Shutter Doors contain 35% fiberglass for strength.
  • Extensive durability testing under both extreme high and extreme low temperatures.
  • Black HDPE (high-density polyethylene) cone aids in light control.
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